It’s Wednesday morning, it is pouring rain outside.

I’m sitting in tram line 13, all dry, and travel from the far west of Amsterdam to the Central Station. The conductress greets everyone who gets in with a radiant smile: “Good morning, welcome, come in.”


A smile appears on everyone’s drenched face. Regardless of the number of people who step in, she will continue to do so. Around the centre she alternately greets in English and Dutch.


I watch and enjoy the effect of the greeting and the reaction of the travellers. But also the effect from the cheerfulness of the conductress. I often travel by public transport, but many tram, train or bus staff can learn from this.


This way you are not only making your travellers happy; you’ll also ensure yourself of having a great day: everyone will greet and smile back! How do you do this?


Babs Asselbergs regularly writes blogs about her own customer experiences and those of others. Babs enjoys the small things that make the difference, but also knows that these little acts of kindness actually have an effect. She believes that if we are more aware of our behaviour and its effect on others, we can make the world more beautiful for both customers and ourselves. Babs is an expert in customer experience and customer focus. Together with Nienke Bloem, she’s founder of the Customer Experience Game – by BlommaBerg.