Happy! Because nothing gives more energy than working together in one space. Learning together, talking about work and customers, inspiring each other and above all having fun. And believe me, it works much better if see each other in real life.


In short, what is the CX Game?

The Customer Experience Game is an interactive, informative and competitive board game. It’s an effective and fun way to boost customer thinking & doing within teams. It helps to increase awareness about customers and their experience. But also to stimulate employees to do what they can do themselves! .


What’s the benefit of playing the CX Game?

“The CX Game stimulates people’s thinking about customers and their own role in it. It makes people look and think about customers and their own processes in a different way. Their brains are literally activated. Especially if you combine it with a workshop to determine actions, the CX Game is a perfect activator. Besides that, it’s also just a lot of fun”.


Jeroen van Helden – Manager Customer Service – Ennatuurlijk


But how can you play the CX Game if you have to keep 1.5 meters distance?

Experience has taught us that it’s just fine. There are a few small adjustments needed to make sure you play it according to the current rules.


  1. A larger space, so that teams can sit at separate tables with sufficient distance from each other and from the game table.
  2. Smaller teams (max four persons per team) so that the distance within the teams is guaranteed and mutual consultation is possible.
  3. Each table/team has its own set of supplies: hand gel,  dice, markers, pens and paper.
  4. More distance to the game board. The facilitator moves the pawns. Walking in the room is not needed and only the facilitator touches the pawns.
  5. Finally: good ventilation! Open windows and doors nicely. A fresh breeze always works well.


What’s different?

  • Participants are no longer seated around the gaming table itself. They are further away from the game board. Because of this they are less “into the game”. The advantage is that the focus is more on the content than on the competition. And that’s what it’s all about, of course. Through active and fun questions we provide a lot of fun and the competition element is guaranteed.
  • We sometimes play with 5 teams instead of 4. We want all teams to explain their answer and give feedback. It takes more time to listen to all teams. The facilitator ensures that the momentum remains good so that the energy level and input of participants remains high.


Conclusion: the CX Game remains an insanely powerful and fun way to physically work together for the customers. With fresh eyes and full of energy learning to think from customers and strengthen the customer experience.


CX Greetings from Gaby


Would you like to know more? Feel free to contact Gaby or Babs or Nienke.


Gaby Remmers is owner of BuroCactus and partner of the CX Game in the Netherlands. She stimulates and activates organizations. With as result: enthusiastic employees who take care of enthusiastic customers and a successful company! More about Gaby on www.burocatus.nl