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The CX Game Festival is the little sister of the coolest and most energetic workshop about customer experience: The Customer Experience Game. Since 2016, this game has become an enormous success and has been played more than 300 times! The CX Game Festival brings customer experience to life in a fun way, just like the CX Game. Groups work -under time pressure- on the tailor-made assignments. Five crucial elements of the CX Game Festival are: fun, creativity cooperation, time pressure and competition.

What is the result?

  • Awareness of the importance of customer focus
  • Experiencing and ‘living’ customer focus, in addition to talking about it
  • Tangible insights and actions for all participants
  • Maximum engagement of all participants: learning together, inspiring each other, sharing experiences, getting new insights and having fun

The CX Game Festival is the alternative for the CX Game when you want to work with large groups of colleagues, for example during team building sessions, company events, kick-off of the new year or introduction new CX strategy. We tailor the assignments to your goal, the desired results, your CX challenges and the participants.

  • Goal: A fun interactive CX workshop, with a serious note
  • Keywords: Team building, fun, (inter)action, creativity  and customer experience
  • How: On location, or online through Zoom and the Miro white board
  • Number of participants: 40 to 120 employees in groups of max 8 participants
  • Guidance: Two experienced CX professionals
  • Duration: 3 to 4 hours, including a break and time for lunch or drink
  • Budget: €5,000-€6,500 – depending on the number of participants, exclusive of VAT at 21%, travel costs, location, technique & catering costs

The CX Game (and the differences to the Festival)

The CX Game elaborates on the topics and delivers tangible input to improve customer experiences, on top of the results described above. The CX Game also triggers that first step towards solutions. We tailor all assignments, in such a way that they match your goal, CX challenges, participants and type of organization.

You can use the CX Game as an individual workshop. We also offer a train the trainer program. In this way, you’ll be able to play the game yourself, at any time and with any group in your organization.

  • Goal: Increase awareness of your customer experience, action-oriented: come up with solutions together or support the roll out of a new (customer) strategy
  • Keywords: Customer experience, (inter)action, fun and connection
  • How: On location, or online through Zoom and the Miro white board
  • Number of participants: 9 to 16 employees per gaming table. More participants? We can play with more gaming tables at the same time, or one after another
  • Guidance: An experienced CX professional, who has completed CX Game Facilitator training
  • Duration: 2 to 3 hours, including a break
  • Budget: €2,250 to €2,750 per CX Game, exclusive of 21% VAT, travel costs and costs for location & catering

The CX Game Festival on location during the KWEEKEND

During the team weekend of the KWEEKERS group (June 2022), the first CX Game Festival on location was held.

Over 60 employees, divided in eight groups completed creative, inspiring and energetic assignments with three themes:

  • Voice of the customer
  • Brand delivery in the customer journey, and
  • Employee Ambassadorship.

Following an energetic kick-off outdoors, the teams got started with their first assignment: Come up with a team name and a yell and make a cool group photo.

Once each assignment was completed, two groups would share their answers with the rest. The answers to the various assignments delivered great insights, brilliant drawings and video recordings.

During the final assignment, each group had to think about ideas for the KWEEKERS Group and how they could improve their customer experience. Each group had to work with an idea and pitch this to the rest. All employees could cast one vote, which then resulted in a top 3.

To finish off, each participant wrote a personal action and insight on a postcard. Of course, we celebrated the winners at the end, and they received their well-deserved prizes.

Two weeks later, the MT of the KWEEKERS Group received a feedback report with all insights and ideas from the Festival. Based on this feedback, the MT also received advice on how the KWEEKERS Group can make the next step towards a more customer focused culture.

” Babs succeeded in responding to our request in a creative way. We are enormously proud of our core values and these came out perfectly in the CX Game Festival. During our annual weekend away, we wanted to trigger our employees to think proactively about our customer experience. The fact that we were with a group of more than 60 employees was no problem for Babs. The facilitators Sarah and Babs were full of energy and had prepared a fun energizer as a start, which naturally had a positive effect on the session. After the game, we received personal postcards to ensure that this session will not be forgotten. Sarah and Babs, thank you!”

Simone de Groot – Manager Consultancy KWEEKERS

The ONLINE CX Game Festival during Driessen’s quarterly In-company day

The first online edition of the CX Game Festival took place in April 2021 during the ‘Goed Bekend Dag’, when all Driessen staff gets together at their headquarters. Driessen organizes a day like this every quarter. All employees get together on that day, so they can be briefed on all developments, and to work together on a specific theme. This special company day is meant to be a party: the focus is on fun and action.

More than 60 participants divided over 13 teams, took part in the CX Game Festival: a day filled with creative and inspiring assignments about customer experience. We talked with each other in plenary meetings and break-out-rooms through Zoom. The tool Miro, an online white board and drawing board, represented our festival terrain for the day.

Read more about this edition in this blog post (Dutch only)

Based on our conversations during the intake, Babs made a good translation of our organization, vision and customer request. Then we put our creative and flexible hats on to contribute, and they put together a great online event for 60 employees. Our goal was to give our employees a taster of the concept of Customer Experience, so they could get started with this after the event. It was a tremendous success! The participants were really enthusiastic, and so were we. A fun, successful introduction to Babs and the CX Game!”

Mira van den Boogaard – Manager HRM on the online CX Game Festival

The Customer Experience Game is the result of a cooperation between Nienke Bloem and Babs Asselbergs, owners of BlommaBerg – The Game Company. For more information about the game, please contact us via one of the options below, or fill out the contact form.

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