It is fun and instructive to team up with colleagues in this way.

What a cool tool Miro is to collaborate together.

Thank you for facilitating this fun and instructive afternoon.


Now that we have played several online Customer Experience Games in a short period of time, we are looking differently at our March decision not to go online. At that time, we did not know that


  • Miro has so many possibilities to give an active and fun online workshop
  • we would still have to work from home as much as possible.


This working from home starts to slowly diminish the connection with each other, the company and sometimes even with the customer. This ‘real connection’ was exactly the reason why we did not want to go online with our CX Game in the first place. The strength of the CX Game is not only talking about the customer together, inspiring each other and learning about customer experience. The strength of the CX Game is also and above all a stronger mutual connection.


Meanwhile, the world looks very different. We are Zooming and Teaming most of our time. Very often this is one-way communication . People listen to and talk with each other, but the real fun is gone, due to the distance. That’s to say: that is what we often hear.


While a good online session

– can be very active

– is a lot of fun and

– can strengthen the mutual connection between colleagues.


That’s what we have learned so far by playing the CX Game online. Teams have an entertaining morning or afternoon with each other and feel connected again. An additional benefit: participants share experiences, inspire each other, learn from each other and about the customer. Besides that, people come up with great ideas to improve the customer experience.


Take a look at these experiences of CX Games participants. These are examples of the fun Miro walls we work online with.



So! Are you looking for an entertaining and fun online activity? One that is tailor-made for your team and that guarantees that you have fun with each other in an energetic way? And one that sets you thinking together about how you can further improve the customer experience?


Then the CX Game is for your team!

You can play the CX Game with 9 to 16 participants at the same time. A workshop lasts 3 hours and the time flies. More colleagues? Then we play with several facilitators at the same time or we organize a CX Game week in which every day one team plays!


For Berg Toys, we organized a CX Game month, as part of their theme month ‘Customer Becomes King. In November, all employees played the CX Game divided over 6 sessions. On December 1st, the month ended with a virtual event in which all insights and great ideas were shared, including advice to the management.


  • We play the CX Game in Miro and communicate via Zoom (in plenary as well as in breakout rooms). As soon as breakouts are possible in MS Teams, MS Teams is also an option.
  • Prior to the Game, all participants receive a link to get acquainted with Miro. In case they don’t know Miro yet, they will be well prepared.
  • Afterwards you will receive the output in pdf format.


Would you like to know more?

Contact us and we are happy to share our ideas with you!

We had the preference for doing the Game live. In the end, however, we opted for the online version. Honestly, this has exceeded expectations by far! Very professional. With great results to go on with.

José Ester – Manager Risk & Compliance Services De Staffing Groep


Let’s play!

Let’s get connected!

Let’s give customers a better experience!