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Learning by experimenting

Is the grass always greener on the other side? If you don’t know, just try it! That is what experimenting is all about. When you made a mistake, you learned something. This little lamb will find out once all that juicy grass is finished :). Working towards a customer focused culture broadly means working on […]

Over the top or authentic?

This made me think last summer when I was walking on the beach. So many beach houses. Size wise, they were all the same. Slight differences in color. Until I saw this Mondrian-style house. Really over the top! Or was it authentic? It did stand out, that’s a fact.   Whenever you buy something, you […]

The CX Game touches on the emotional side of CX in a fun and creative way

Since January 2019, DLL is a partner of the CX Game. Besides Mirthe Claassen, 6 other colleagues have been trained as facilitators. Mirthe is the driving force behind the CX Game within DLL. Babs spoke to her about her experiences with the CX Game.   Could you start with a short summary about DLL and […]

Don’t be like Ryanair!

A number of important ingredients have to be considered if your organisation is going to provide an excellent customer experience. One of those is the question of the experience that you actually want to give to your customers. Have you ever given that any thought? And? What’s the answer?   Customer experience on three levels […]

HIP, HIP, HOORAY! The Customer Experience Game is 5 years old!

What a ride! Over the past 5 years, together with thousands of participants we have brought customer experience alive. From Leeuwarden to Mallorca, from Zundert to Stuttgart, from Amsterdam to Melbourne and from Dubai to Breda. Mostly on site, although these days on-line as well.   What do participants have to say about the CX […]

Virtual CX Game: learnings, activity & fun!

“It is fun and instructive to team up with colleagues in this way. What a cool tool Miro is to collaborate together. Thank you for facilitating this fun and instructive afternoon.“   Now that we have played several online Customer Experience Games in a short period of time, we are looking differently at our March […]