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No service, what if it IS possible?!

“Service? Customer experience? In Finland?   That doesn’t exist,” she texts me. I’m preparing my CX Game™ workshop that I’m going to play with a potential partner in Helsinki. In the days leading up to it, I visit my friend Anouk, who has been living in Helsinki with her Finnish husband, Marko, for six years. […]

Add a smile to the life of customers – how can we do that?

Babs has triggered us all with the CX Games, in all different departments of our company, and she has managed to get us to view our customers better or differently, and to feel the urgency to do something about this. As a result, we have seen some great initiatives. We all feel activated, and we [...]

Playing a business game: Sharing (customer) stories

Within minutes CX Activator Storytelling will bring more fun at work!   CX Activator Storytelling is a series of inspirational exercises to find stories and to pass these on. Sharing customer stories is incredibly important so you can hear the actual voice of the customer. It is also a great way to start a meeting […]

Learning by experimenting

Is the grass always greener on the other side? If you don’t know, just try it! That is what experimenting is all about. When you made a mistake, you learned something. This little lamb will find out once all that juicy grass is finished :). Working towards a customer focused culture broadly means working on […]

Over the top or authentic?

This made me think last summer when I was walking on the beach. So many beach houses. Size wise, they were all the same. Slight differences in color. Until I saw this Mondrian-style house. Really over the top! Or was it authentic? It did stand out, that’s a fact.   Whenever you buy something, you […]

The CX Game touches on the emotional side of CX in a fun and creative way

Since January 2019, DLL is a partner of the CX Game. Besides Mirthe Claassen, 6 other colleagues have been trained as facilitators. Mirthe is the driving force behind the CX Game within DLL. Babs spoke to her about her experiences with the CX Game.   Could you start with a short summary about DLL and […]