Within minutes CX Activator Storytelling will bring more fun at work!


CX Activator Storytelling is a series of inspirational exercises to find stories and to pass these on. Sharing customer stories is incredibly important so you can hear the actual voice of the customer. It is also a great way to start a meeting in a positive and energetic way, and to have fun together. To keep a clear customer focus, our advice is to start every meeting with a customer story.

Make a habit of it.

How? That’s where the inspiration cards of CX Activator Storytelling come into play.


“Playing a business game? Sharing stories?

Why is that useful at all? I just have to keep my customers happy!”


Exactly! You’re going to get even better at that by sharing stories about customers with each other. Really?

Your customer stories about your best moments, your blunders, your success stories, your “so so” conversation, or your brilliant complaint solution.


When playing the Customer Experience Game we share a lot of stories. Stories that make us laugh, sometimes cry, or stories that give us goosebumps. Stories that surprise us regularly because so many people have never heard that specific beautiful story! That is the very reason why one of the actions of the CX Game is: to share more stories! Still, we often forget to actually do this. CX Activator Storytelling will be a great help.


The power of stories

  • Stories connect
  • Stories are fun
  • Stories make you improve
  • Stories spark action
  • Stories inspire
  • Stories teach you to listen
  • Stories make you proud

Everyone has a story: you are creating (customer) stories all day long. Also, or even mostly when you’re at work. CX Activator Storytelling inspiration cards will teach you how to see stories and how to pass them on. This makes you more aware of what you are doing (right) all day for customers and for each other. You’ll learn from each other, you’ll inspire each other to improve together for the customer. On top of that you’ll have more fun at work


Inspiration exercises: Goals

The goal of these inspiration exercises is to make sharing customer stories as a team a habit. Start each meeting with a customer story. Within no time, you’ll create a positive start and a different view on each other and on the customer. Use the inspiration exercises to quickly retrieve a story about a customer or about each other.

The exercises are grouped in five categories:

  • Marvel: Switch off the autopilot and learn to observe in a curious way!
  • Get started: No “ifs, buts or maybes”, only Yes! Just do it.
  • Blast from the past: Share experiences about customers, for customers and by customers
  • Let’s play: Playing a game is great fun and it sparks creativity!
  • Fun: Having fun results in new energy!

You can start most exercises directly. Some exercises consist of 2 parts: one that you can start directly when you draw the card; the second can be completed in subsequent days. You will then share those stories and experiences with each other at a later time. How? You will agree this together. The next team meeting is the most logical time. Just build it into your routine, make a habit of it.


And you?

  • How do you start your meetings?
  • Do you regularly share stories about customer success?
  • How do you share those customer stories together?
  • How do you establish the habit of sharing customer stories?

Do you want to know more about CX Activator Storytelling Inspiration cards? Please contact Babs at Babs@blommaberg.nl

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The inspiration cards are available in both Dutch and English

Each set consists of 56 cards measuring 62 x 88 mm (playing card size) made of thick coated paper. Each set contains 50 assignments and is packaged in a plastic box. The set includes an explanation and tips and tricks for using the cards in your team meeting, day start or workshop.

The CX Activator Inspiration cards cost

1 set = €32.50

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Bring your Customer Focus alive, play the CX Game

Would you like to go the extra mile with you team to do better for your customer? The Customer Experience Game is the perfect and effective way to reach that goal creatively and constructively. When playing the CX Game, fun, connections and insights are guaranteed outcomes. Together you will find ways to improve your organization’s customer experience. Old-skool with a board, pawns and dice, or online through Miro.

Each Game has a winner. The prize for the winning team is a set of CX Activator Storytelling Inspiration cards and they can proceed to the first action directly.

Would you like to bring customer experience to life with your team? Please contact me to discuss the possibilities of the CX Game and how to go from pledges to commitment.


Babs Asselbergs brings customer experience to life and incites teams to get better results together, for their clients and for themselves. Babs and Nienke Bloem are founders of the CX Game, one of the creative working practices Babs engages to get started with teams and customer experience.