Apply Focus To Your Ideas

It probably sounds familiar: you have come up with great ideas, but what are we going to DO? After completion of The Customer Experience Game, we take a short break to relax, get a drink and something to eat.
Then we will start grouping all ideas by theme. We decide on this theme together before we start, as it should match the goal and the reason why you are playing the Game.

Making choices is difficult; so we will assist in choosing the most relevant ideas. The ideas are grouped by

  • Short or long term relevance;
  • The impact ideas may have on customers, brand and/or employees.
    After this process, you will have four groups of ideas. Together, you will select three ideas, based on preference and relevance.

Each team will take one of the selected ideas and draft a SMART action plan. The team will decide on the time frame and appoint an Idea Owner. Each action plan will be presented to the group and then it is time to finish and enjoy a nice drink.

After Completion Of The Focus Session:

You are inspired, have enjoyed great cooperation and you have selected three ideas with each a SMART action plan, so you can start working on these straightaway!

Playing the Game and making an action plan takes 3 hours and costs €2,500 excluding VAT, costs for catering and location.

We can play the game wherever you like. An experienced Customer Experience specialist will provide guidance during the Game.

The game is played with a maximum of 16 participants in 4 teams, for every extra player you pay €125. For more than 16 players we tailor to your needs.

The Customer Experience Game is the result of a cooperation between Nienke Bloem and Babs Asselbergs. For more information about the game, please contact us via one of the options below, or fill out the contact form.

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