I have decided to start a blog series about customer experience. I really like to write. My feelers with regard to customer experience are continuously put on. Whether it is a good or bad experience. Call it conditioned by the job. I’d like to share these experiences, because in my opinion everything could be much better and more fun. Another reason to share my experiences is that you can learn from both good and bad customer experiences. Even more fun, is it to see what the effect of people’s behaviour is on others. I believe that when you are more aware of this, you will show positive behaviour more often. This is what could make our lives and the world a bit better and, above all, more fun.


I write this first blog in a special place: the hotel school The Hague. I am 2 hours early and I am assigned to a workplace in the hall. A nice silver jug ​​with hot water, a tea bag and a glass are served and I get the access code for wifi. I fill my glass with hot water and put the tea bag – after using it – on … a piece of paper.


After half an hour another person comes along: “Madam, are you fine?” The next colleague says she can not reach my contact person. I tell her that I have already spoken to him and that he’ll pick me up here later.


As I pour out my second cup of tea, I make a mess while pouring the water next to my glass. The reception manager notices what happens and comes along with a paper towel to wipe the water. We have a chat. He walks away disapprovingly. A little later he returns with a silver tray with a new glass and a saucer for the teabag. I tell him about the blogs I write. He sits down, we talk for a while and he tells me that he should actually do administration, but that he’d rather stay here to keep an eye on his staff and to teach them how little acts of kindness work.


Half an hour later again someone asks if she could do anything for me. No, I’m fine, thank you. After a little while, I’m offered butter cake and a brownie. The lady in question apologizes for not serving the tea earlier. I do not like cake, but eat a part anyway.


Can I get you anything else?” Whether this is colleague number 7 or 8 stopping at my table and asking for something, I cannot remember. Have lost count now. I ask for cold water, as I got warm in the burning autumn sun in which I am writing. You can make a difference with small gestures. I am sure that this was the intention of these people. My tip: it’s useful that you gear to one another on who does what. And don’t make it too big.


They still have a lot to learn, but hey, that is why they are at school here ;-).


Babs Asselbergs regularly writes blogs about her own customer experiences and those of others. Babs enjoys the small things that make the difference, but also knows that these little acts of kindness actually have an effect. She believes that if we are more aware of our behaviour and its effect on others, we can make the world more beautiful for both customers and ourselves. Babs is an expert in customer experience and customer focus. Together with Nienke Bloem, she’s founder of the Customer Experience Game.