This made me think last summer when I was walking on the beach. So many beach houses. Size wise, they were all the same. Slight differences in color. Until I saw this Mondrian-style house.

Really over the top! Or was it authentic? It did stand out, that’s a fact.


Whenever you buy something, you are spoiled for choice. There are so many options. Plenty of sameness, though. Why is it, that you choose one thing over the other?

As a brand, do you have to go over the top? Or is it better to be authentic? Or both, if “over the top” fits your brand and is therefore authentic.

What’s most important: choose!

* Who do you want to be as a brand?
* Which experience do you want to offer to your customers?
* What do you pledge to your customers?

Be consistent! Always and everywhere. Make sure your employees know how they can realize this authentic and consistent experience in the work they do. Make sure to agree on the following:


  • Desired behavior
  • How to help and learn from each other
  • How to deal with feedback
  • How to ensure this behavior is proven by actions


When you have these commitments in black and white and when you are complying with them and you are communicating these to your customers, it makes it easier for them to choose you! That is exactly what you want, right?


Current situation

Assess your current situation: where are we? What makes us unique? What do we do, what can we improve and how can we accomplish that? If you’d like to do this in a fun way, the Customer Experience Game might be for you! It is an effective solution to start working on this together in a creative and constructive way.


When playing the CX Game, fun, connections and insights are guaranteed outcomes.  Together you will find ways to improve your organization’s customer experience. Old-skool with a board, pawns and dice, or online through Miro. Because the CX Game is tailored to your organization, it is extremely suitable as a kick-off, a (management) team day, or as an activity supporting the roll out of a culture program or CX strategy. You can play the CX Game with your team as a once off, but you can also use the CX Game as a change management tool for your organization (train the trainer).


Would you like to bring customer experience to life with your team? Please contact me to discuss the possibilities of the CX Game.


Babs Asselbergs brings customer experience to life and incites teams to get better results together, for their clients and for themselves. Babs and Nienke Bloem are founders of the CX Game, one of the creative working practices Babs engages to get started with teams and customer experience.