Meeting each other again, catching up about the past time and thinking together how things can be better for yours customer from now on? Customer Experience is more important than ever before.


A good reason to come to the office again!


The Customer Experience Game not only brings customer experience comes alive, but also provides a connection between colleagues. By playing the CX Game, colleagues meet each other, share knowledge and experience and inspire each other. Together they think about how they can give customers a better experience and what they need to do that themselves.


Playing a boardgame together with colleagues to talk about customer experience?

Not now, but later this year?


Is that possible with social distance? Yes, it is!

With social distance it is still possible to think in an active and fun way about

  • What customer experience is about in these days and in the future
  • How can you improve this and be distinctive
  • What is needed to works together and give customers a better experience


We have lots of ideas to make this work. We have made a room plan to let you know the possibilities.

Want to know more? Please contact Babs or Nienke and we think along with you!


Let’s play!