Is the grass always greener on the other side? If you don’t know, just try it! That is what experimenting is all about. When you made a mistake, you learned something. This little lamb will find out once all that juicy grass is finished :).

Working towards a customer focused culture broadly means working on strategy and results. The latter is often forgotten, or less in the spotlight, when you are working hard on a Customer Experience strategy.

CX = doing
Make it smaller.
A lot of small steps make a big step in the end.

Do little experiments

Bumps on the road

You will encounter many bumps on the road towards a customer focused culture. These can be caused by internal or external factors. Or both. A new competitor in the market, a manager who is blocking progress, colleagues on sick leave or a new system that doesn’t deliver as expected.


Which bumps did you encounter on the road towards a customer focused culture? How did you deal with these?

You could
☀️stop in front of the bump
☀️walk around the bump
☀️step over the bump
☀️dig through the bump

Or, you could jump on it, flatten it and smooth it over.

One thing is certain: you cannot ignore that bump. But you can choose how to deal with it. Do something about those bumps. Step by step, because each step counts as one! The solution is often easier than you might think.

Experiment, make mistakes, learn, adjust and tell others about it. And don’t forget…. celebrate each success!

Which experiment are you going to use to start improving the customer experience in your organization?

Would you like to think about this with your team in a fun and creative way? Exchange experiences and look at different types of experiments that you could start together? Play the Customer Experience Game with your team! This is an effective solution to start working together (online or in-person) on customer experience in a creative and constructive way.


When playing the CX Game, fun, connections and insights are guaranteed outcomes. Together you will find ways to improve your organization’s customer experience. Old-skool with a board, pawns and dice, or online through Miro. Because the CX Game is tailored to your organization, it is extremely suitable as a kick-off, a (management) team day, or as an activity supporting the roll out of a culture program or CX strategy. You can play the CX Game with your team as a once off, but you can also use the CX Game as a change management tool for your organization (train the trainer).


Would you like to bring customer experience to life with your team? Please contact me to discuss the possibilities of the CX Game and the start of the first experiment.


Babs Asselbergs brings customer experience to life and incites teams to get better results together, for their clients and for themselves. Babs and Nienke Bloem are founders of the CX Game, one of the creative working practices Babs engages to get started with teams and customer experience.