What a ride!

Over the past 5 years, together with thousands of participants we have brought customer experience alive. From Leeuwarden to Mallorca, from Zundert to Stuttgart, from Amsterdam to Melbourne and from Dubai to Breda. Mostly on site, although these days on-line as well.


What do participants have to say about the CX Game? The CX Game gives a boost to energy reserves and fun, but is above all a source of inspiration, insights and ideas for improving customer service, both individually and as a team.


Really fun way of addressing the issue of customer experience as a team. I was amazed at the amount of energy and enthusiasm released; super ideas and initiatives. Particularly enjoyed the many concrete, achievable goals that came forward, and the fact that the sense of togetherness could become even stronger; at least, that’s how I see it!

Bianca Voorn – senior administrative assistant, DSG – February 2021


When we developed the CX Game, five years ago, we wanted to encourage participants to talk to each other, to learn from each other, to be more aware of what customer experience means to them and, more importantly, to have fun. It makes us unbelievably proud to see that happening, time and time again, in each game session! Team building and breaking down silos are an almost automatic response to this.


Babs used the intake to get a good understanding of our organisation, vision and what our customers want. She approached our question with flexibility and creativity so that she could organise a fruitful on-line meeting for 60 employees. Our aim in that respect, to give the employees a taste of the concept of Customer Experience and to work actively on this, was definitely a success. Afterwards the participants were really enthusiastic, and so were we. A fun, successful first acquaintance with The CX Game!

Mira van den Boogaard – HRM Manager – April 2021

In those five years we have trained more than 100 facilitators. About one fifth of them are partners, while the rest are facilitators who have followed the train-the-trainer model. We still have six companies which are in partnership with us. Els Dhaeze, Nils Schmeling and Karolien van der Ouderaa have been partners right from the start! Together with them, and with Gaby Remmers, Douwe Deinum and Erna Paas we activate teams to work together to do even more for their customers.


The CX Game is part of the CX Roadshow, in which all colleagues from all departments and local organisations have participated. This has created a connection, the importance of CX has been made clearer and engagement, both with each other and with the subject, has been boosted. This makes a contribution to breaking down departmental thinking, the creation of a common goal. And it generated enthusiasm; many colleagues have said they will make an active contribution to the CX programme. The output of the Game is used to go into detail on existing plans and for the local plans that are to be developed together with the ambassadors.

Gerda Swinkels-Legierse, Customer Experience Manager, Grodan – November 2019


Thanks to everyone who has believed in us and in the CX Game right from the start!

And, of course, we won’t be stopping! We’ve still got a long way to go in respect of highlighting customer experience. You can book the CX Game as a one-off team activity, as part of a training programme or as a train-the-trainer module. Always customized, in line with the goals, challenges and customers of our client.


Are you looking for

  • a great team-building activity where you and your team can take some time to consider the customer experience you offer?
  • an inspirational tool that can help bring life into your CX strategy or customer compass?
  • a fun activity at your customer experience themed company event?


Then the Customer Experience Game is the activity you’re looking for!

Just contact Babs or Nienke for more information.


As a present to ourselves, but primarily so that our customers have better access to information, we have made a new website.


As far as we we’re concerned, the Customer Experience Game came just at the right moment! Following a busy period marked by rapid growth, it was nice to be together again for a change. During our afternoon session, we yet again had confirmation of how capable and creative our team is, and that the sense of being together is very important. Babs took plenty time to analyse our company and to ask the right questions. The good ideas and plans that arose from the game definitely gave us food for thought! 

Jaleesa van Eerten – Customer Care Lead, Loavies – September 2020