We understand your CX challenges

As a CX professional, you probably experience some of the following bottlenecks from time to time:

  • you have a great CX plan, but you don’t know how to involve your colleagues in it
    (unfortunately your plans remain plans)
  • when it comes to customer experience, not everyone is involved within your organization
    (so customer experiences remain more or less the same and little happens)
  • your colleagues are enthusiastic, but do not link any actions to your plans
    (and so still nothing changes)
  • your plan has been well received, but everyone thinks that another colleague must or will take action
    (and even then nothing changes, everyone just points at each other)

That is extremely frustrating

Also for your own job satisfaction. And that’s exactly why The Customer Experience Game is a great solution:

  • The Customer Experience Game is tailor-made for your organization: the questions are therefore tailored to your customers and challenges.
  • The CX Game helps employees increase awareness about customer experience.
  • The CX Game is fun to play and increases team spirit.
  • The CX Game doesn’t just mean fun: you also get answers to difficult CX issues.
  • This game puts you straight into action mode. You inspire each other and learn in a fun way how you, as an employee and as a team, can give customers a better customer experience.

Get to know the online CX Game!

On June 19, you can get to know the Customer Experience Game online. In a Zoom session, you meet fellow CX professionals with whom you will play the game. In Miro (an online notice board) you can do the assignments with your team players. The session lasts from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM Amsterdam time and trust us…

Your gaming time will fly by!

We promise you now that you will:

  • experience for yourself how the CX Game works
  • really enjoy this session
  • see how we approach everything technically (via Zoom and Miro)
  • meet other interesting CX peers and
  • naturally gain inspiration and learns from others.

Will you join us?

Babs Asselbergs (Blommaberg) and Mirthe Claassen (CX Management Consultant at DLL) will guide this session. Mirthe is an expert by experience when it comes to playing the CX Game within your own organization. At DLL, she facilitates The Customer Experience Game for her colleagues and with success!

This is what Mirthe says about the CX Game:

“The CX Game is the perfect tool to connect people, regardless of their role. It helps to educate others on the CX vision of the company and at the same time inspire them to get started themselves.”

Enthusiastic? Curious? Both?

Sign up now for the free online introduction to The Customer Experience Game on June 19.

Any questions? Feel free to call or email me. It would be great if you are there on June 19!

Kind regards,
Babs Asselbergs

+31 (0)6 17 44 32 49


PS: Are you unable to attend on June 19? Then read on!

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