Fun In The Board Room And Food For Thought!

The Customer Experience Game is a board game which helps employees raise their customer experience awareness. Teams answer questions and complete assignments within a limited amount of time. An experienced facilitator provides guidance during the game by explaining the rules and asking questions. The Facilitator fulfills the role of timekeeper, jury and inspirer.

The questions and assignments include the following three important customer experience topics:

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    Voice of the Customer
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    Brand Delivery in the Customer Journey
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    Employee Ambassadorship

Furthermore there are:

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    Make your own choice
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    Bad Luck
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Following Completion Of The Game:

Playing the “Gaming in the Board Room” version of the Game takes 3 hours and costs €6,500, including costs for catering and location, excluding VAT. Together we will select a suitable and inspiring location outside the office, where we can play the Game. Two experienced Customer Experience Specialists will provide guidance during the Game. Following the Game, the Facilitators will provide a report.

Highest Roll, First Turn!

All participating teams answer the questions and complete the assignment. The team that comes up with the best answer, wins a “Happy Customer”. The team that finishes with the most “Happy Customers”, wins the game. Just like in daily business. Beware: There are unhappy customers in this game!

We have developed a standard set of questions and assignments. Before we start, we make a selection of questions together to ensure the game is tailored towards your company and the reason why you want to play the Game. A few examples of questions and assignments:

  • Who is the fastest in finding a positive customer experience on Twitter?
  • Make a 30 second video during which you answer a customer’s question that was asked via social media.
  • Who knows all channels through which you communicate with your customers? Name as many as possible.
  • What is the biggest dilemma for your customers?

Following completion of The Customer Experience Game we will take an hour to get to the point. Which are the 3 next steps you will need to take to empower customer experience? The more concrete, the better! Which results would you like to achieve and within which time frame? What is your measure for success, and most of all: how will you make sure daily business does not obstruct your actions?

The Customer Experience Game is the result of a cooperation between Nienke Bloem and Babs Asselbergs. For more information about the game, please contact us via one of the options below, or fill out the contact form.

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