Add a smile to the life of customers – how can we do that?

Babs has triggered us all with the CX Games, in all different departments of our company, and she has managed to get us to view our customers better or differently, and to feel the urgency to do something about this. As a result, we have seen some great initiatives. We all feel activated, and we [...]

The CX Game touches on the emotional side of CX in a fun and creative way

Since January 2019, DLL is a partner of the CX Game. Besides Mirthe Claassen, 6 other colleagues have been trained as facilitators. Mirthe is the driving force behind the CX Game within DLL. Babs spoke to her about her experiences with the CX Game.   Could you start with a short summary about DLL and […]

Virtual CX Game: learnings, activity & fun!

“It is fun and instructive to team up with colleagues in this way. What a cool tool Miro is to collaborate together. Thank you for facilitating this fun and instructive afternoon.“   Now that we have played several online Customer Experience Games in a short period of time, we are looking differently at our March […]

The CX Game perfectly fits with social distance

  Happy! Because nothing gives more energy than working together in one space. Learning together, talking about work and customers, inspiring each other and above all having fun. And believe me, it works much better if see each other in real life.   In short, what is the CX Game? The Customer Experience Game is […]

CX Game: the connection between strategy, practice & colleagues

Gerda Swinkels-Legierse, Customer Experience Manager at Grodan, has been a trained facilitator of the CX Game since September 2019. Out of curiosity about her experiences and the effect of the CX Game within Grodan, Babs interviewed her.   Can you briefly tell us something about Grodan? Grodan is part of the ROCKWOOL Group. We process […]

Case: T-Systems’ Change team on the move

“We are organizing a 2 day event with our Change Team. We would like to bring them on board our new way of thinking about customer experience so we can set out concrete actions to bring this to life.” Tirza Schmidt, CCXP and Manager Customer Experience at T-Systems Nederland, approached us with this question.   […]

Engaging your people with CX: Introducing the Customer Experience Game

*This blog has been written by Ian Golding and was published on* A perennial problem for any Customer Experience Professional around the world is to find an effective way to engage people with the significance of the subject. Whilst many profess to ‘get’ Customer Experience (CX), they tend to do so instinctively, intuitively and accidentally. [...]