HIP, HIP, HOORAY! The Customer Experience Game is 5 years old!

2021-11-12T09:55:33+01:0012 November 2021|

What a ride! Over the past 5 years, together with thousands of participants we have brought customer experience alive. From Leeuwarden to Mallorca, from Zundert to Stuttgart, from Amsterdam to Melbourne and from Dubai to Breda. Mostly on site, although these days on-line as well.   What do participants have to say about the CX ...

Meet, catch up & action: connection through the CX Game; social distance proof

2021-09-28T21:23:45+02:0014 May 2020|

Meeting each other again, catching up about the past time and thinking together how things can be better for yours customer from now on? Customer Experience is more important than ever before.   A good reason to come to the office again!   The Customer Experience Game not only brings customer experience comes alive, but ...

5 tips to bring the Customer into your Offsite

2019-09-11T17:04:57+02:0011 September 2019|

5 tips to bring the Customer into your Offsite   While reading the article ‘6 tips for running offsites that aren’t a waste of time’ by Melissa Raffoni , I thought of the many offsites I have been a participant of. And those that I was hired to deliver a Customer Experience workshop or play ...

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