Together with friends, we organize a wine tasting several times a year. The men seek out the wine, the women cook a matching dish. Because we have been doing this for a few years now, we have had the best wines and well-known countries. Every time we put the bar a little higher, so we search online for new wines, from wine countries we don’t know yet. I discovered that it’s not only the wine itself that’s surprising; we are also often surprised by the service we receive.


We often buy from web shops that have a passion for a particular grape, region or country. You can notice that passion in everything, a few examples:

  • Additional information about the wine and the winery
  • Matching dishes or recipes; from individual prints to beautiful handmade books
  • An inquiry beforehand about the wine we have ordered, because you really need to eat something with it, or because the wine has a very marked taste
  • Personal wine delivery at home by the owner of the web store


Every time we are excited again, just by unpacking the box. And then we did not even taste the wine yet.

The owner of the local wine shop knows us and our taste too. We sometimes get an extra bottle of wine to taste. But extras as in the above, he’ll only offer them at his annual wine tasting. Apart from the fact that he only delivers wine from the famous countries and regions.

Also in this case you can be surprised by little acts of kindness and in making your customers happy. How do you do that? With which do you surprise your customers one in a while?


Cheers! To the next wine tasting!


Babs Asselbergs regularly writes blogs about her own customer experiences and those of others. Babs enjoys the small things that make the difference, but also knows that these little acts of kindness actually have an effect. She believes that if we are more aware of our behaviour and its effect on others, we can make the world more beautiful for both customers and ourselves. Babs is an expert in customer experience and customer focus. Together with Nienke Bloem, she’s founder of the Customer Experience Game.